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Slips, Trips and Falls 

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A slip, trip and fall is a frequent incident that can potentially cause significant and life-altering injuries.


The law allows an accident victim to recover from injuries caused due to the "liability" of others:



Liability attaches to the negligent person when the following prongs are met:

  • The party owes the victim a duty (i.e. the owner of a home owes a duty to the public to maintain the property in reasonably safe conditions);

  • The party violated its duty (created a dangerous condition or failed to correct a condition it knew or should have known was dangerous);

  • The victim sustained injuries or damages; and

  • The party's violation caused the victim's injuries.

How we can help

New York State enacted numerous laws, rules and regulations that determine when a party has been negligent. Book a Free Consultation with an expert attorney at Magendzo Law to evaluate and determine whether you have a case. 

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